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Hold my hand and
Don’t go
There are lots of things
I want to do with you
and tell you

But I guess there’d be no chance to
It’s a song we cannot dance to
‘Cause it’s a world where there’s no us
In the end

But still I ask you
Don’t go
There’s still a lot of stories
And verses and rhymes

to write for you

I still believe in happy endings myself
I still hope for happy endings myself
But I guess this ending is inevitable

By itself

So all my words now
Don’t go
Will always be unlistened to
As I’ll just stand by while you
Fly away

I know you won’t return
But it’s a future that I yearn
Where a happy ending is inevitable
In the end.

But while you’re still here, please

Don’t go
There are lots of things
I want to do with you
and tell you.


A Bus Is A Time Machine

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In Manila I got on the bus
Bound for Batangas
And I felt I travelled back in time
As the driver played songs
20 year older than I was
when I was fourteen

Where Katy Perry nor Gotye
Has not hit the billboard charts yet

Sceneries framed by the window almost unchanged
Similar to the landscape I passed by
Over and over for more than ten years
Scored by slow rock melody
Looping continuously

I took a peek at the driver
And concluded he was not more
Than five years older than I

He must have been a young man
Who sat in this same bus as I did
Lullabied by the husky baritone of Jim Morrison
To his destination

Out of nostalgia he plays the same songs
And through the succeeding generations
It loops on and on

-Jofelyn M Khapra

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The noise of silence keeps you awake
Like a shrill scream of nothingness
That echoes against the edges of your mind
And pierces your nonexistent soul

But sometimes you could make out
Some of it’s words. It whispers things.

Remember that time when you kissed her.
Touched her skin. Fondled her breasts. Then
Kissed her more. Making love under the
Soothing solace of the sounds of the night
While the world is half-asleep. You were
Bathed in the same silence that envelops you now.

Only then you were together.
Now you are alone.

You pick a book to distract yourself
While drinking a glass of vodka.
Temporary sanity takes you back to the world.
You see their sarcastic smiles and false emotions.
Fake friendships never end till you’re left lifeless.
You realize the whores you take to bed give
More genuine relationships than reality.

So you let it travel to your veins.
And let it take you to paradise.

But when it fades, you fall back to bed.
And reality would mess up with your head.
You go back to the rejecting words she said.
That you wish so hard you were dead.

February Waltz

February 22, 2013 § 1 Comment

A dreamy tune beneath the moon
A wish for this to not end soon
A step or two, a bow to you
And sway away through endless blue

My shaking hands, your shy hellos
Unconscious stares while my heart froze
A crumbling wall, I take the fall
And whispered words before them all

Your priceless smile etched in my mind
Your hazel eyes naïve and blind
We danced alone, my feelings shown
And blown away by words you’ve thrown

So here I stand; no words unsaid
The madness filled inside my head
A hug amends, the music ends
A silent kiss then parted friends

January Madness

January 19, 2013 § Leave a comment


Close your eyes
Think of him
Pretend that my hands
Around your waist
are his
Imagine that the
lips which slowly kiss you
are the ones
that you miss
That’s okay with me

Close your eyes
Think of him
Who left your heart
While I try my best
To pound your chest
Revive a love
That is already dead
I’ll settle for a zombie heart
if it’s you
That’s okay with me

Close your eyes
Think of him
Count up from one to ten
This would be over
In a few seconds
Just let me feel you
Like he did
Just let me hold you
Like he did
Just let me love you
In my own way
Call his name
I won’t listen
I don’t care
I don’t…

I do
Maybe I do
But that’s okay with me.


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There was a time
when love was just a feeling
Just a poem waiting to be written
A song waiting to be sung
and listened to

There was a time
when you were just a friend
Someone to talk to
And chat about how funny
ordinary people were
And how we are so different from them

Like we’d never fall in love.

But that was then.

There was a time
when sleepless nights
were due to overloaded homeworks
and quizzes and exams the next day

There was a time
when time with you was just
a time to pass us by

There was a time
when we would stare at each other
and smile like it’s the most
natural thing in this world
And we’ve never thought as much of things

Like we’d never fall in love.

But that was then.

There was a time
When I wasn’t confused
About these feelings
The warmth that comes from your touch
The melody from your voice

But that was then. 

I can’t pretend 


December 2, 2012 § 1 Comment

What if this life is just a dream
And when we dream we see
That what is true is just a fantasy
and our dream is the real reality

This theory’s been bugging me
Because of that documentary
of multiple realities

That every second this world splits
to two or more distinct possibilities
that come true simultaneously

Like a world where Nazis won
And Hitler rules until this day
Or the moon is cut in half
Or the earth is ripped in two

             Just how I am with you

Somehow it makes me think
Whether I do or do not blink
There is a world, somewhere out there
A reality where
I love you
and you love me.

But still it pains me so
That whatever theory I know
That world, my world would never be
The reality I wish it’d be

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